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Thales Explains Connected Cockpit Approach Behind 2020s

Single Pilot Operations Automation and advanced technology can provide a great benefit to pilots, particularly in single-pilot operations, in terms of reducing workload and increasing situational awareness. However, automation and advanced technology are not a panacea. ...read more


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Airbus and Thales join forces to develop the Air Combat

This concept was demonstrated on a single screen, with hands-on direct interaction for the pilot. The single screen offers the pilot scope to deliver more flexibility for organization of the information within the cockpit. Founded upon this initial concept, Thales has developed a … ...read more


Farnborough - Two Become One? Planemakers Work On Tech To

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Will FlytX Become the Aviation Industry's First Virtual Co

6/19/2017 · Digitisation reduces costs by allowing paperless operations. Aviobook is a single software application that incorporates a suite of modules to optimise … ...read more


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• Operational: distribution of workload between p ilot-in-cockpit and ground crew, single-pilot resource management, communication pro cedures and processes, as well as pilot/crew training ...read more


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10/16/2018 · The cockpit of even the smallest and simplest airplane can be an overwhelming place. Fortunately, the most “hands-on” elements of the cockpit—those which enable the pilot to direct the airplane’s actual movement from taxiing to landing—are usually similar from one cockpit … ...read more


Thales FlytX Avionics Suite for Russian VRT500

It's highly agile a/c unique and useful in many kind of missions which has a powerful single R-25-300 engine. The a/c has a quite higher landing speed and a AOA during landing which is difficult to operate due to high speed but once the pilot gets the hand of it it's the best to operate afterwards. ...read more


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The EC145 cockpit is integrated with the Meghas Thales Avionics Megales avionics all glass with a dual four-axis digital autopilot and is configured for the operation of dual or single pilot Flight Rules (IFR) instruments. Meghas is part of the Thales suite 'Avionique Nouvelle' which is used in modular form on Eurocopter EC120 and EC155 ...read more


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He said it looks like one of the pilots would be removed and the cockpit would be redesigned for a single pilot. He believes there would also be a remote-control pilot on the ground in case there was an emergency. In recent years, there have been several devastating air crashes – many of which were found to have been caused in part by the pilot. ...read more


Next-gen cockpits will be single pilot, posits Thales

Lorsque vous Thales Single Pilot Cockpit le consultez, un site Internet peut stocker ou récupérer des informations sur votre navigateur, principalement sous forme Thales Single Pilot Cockpit de cookies. Ces informations peuvent concerner vous-même, vos préférences ou votre appareil. Nous mettons à votre disposition un outil simple ci-dessous pour les accepter ...read more


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3/1/2021 · “We foresee the development of an augmented pilot assistant by 2025, artificial pilot, reduced operations, or single-pilot operations by 2030, and autonomous aircraft by 2035," Lefevre said. ...read more


Boeing reveals single-pilot planes could soon be a reality

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Software for Sikorsky S-76D Eases Pilot Workload | Flying

Airbus SE and Thales SA expect the number of cockpit crew on long-haul flights, typically three or four, could be reduced to two from 2023 thanks to new technology to reduce pilot workload. ...read more


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9/6/2019 · 3) It gives aircraft manufacturers more options. If an aircraft manufacturer only has to accommodate one pilot in the cockpit, then they can start being more creative with their designs. ...read more


Flight Cognition Laboratory - Single Pilot Operations

Single Pilot Commercial Aircraft Operation 3 these phases of flight. In looking at single pilot operation, we began our analysis from this partitioning. The models are, in effect, a working extension of the cognitive task analysis. They ...read more